Countries are a vital thing in the game, as they tell the player which country they are and what country they fought (history important), it is also important as it tells which team you are on.


America has the least countries (the ones that are only found in America) in the game, most of the countries here are actually from Europe (like England and France). The list below consists of the plain American countries:

  • The U.S.A (The United States of America)
  • The Indians (Natives of America)
  • Hessen (A German state that helped Great Britain by sending mercenaries to fight in America)

North AfricaEdit

The countries in North Africa are not very numerous, in fact, it only has four and is listed by the creator in Europe. None are also in America. Here is the list:

  • Algeria
  • Morroco
  • Tunisia
  • Tripolitania
  • Egypt


By far, Europe has the most countries in the game, probably because of the quantity of countries there. This list only has countries that are only found in Europe. Here is the list:

  • Portugal
  • Great Britain
  • France
  • Nederlanden (The Netherlands, as it appears in-game)
  • Switzerland
  • Italy
  • Papal States (replaces Italy in a few levels)
  • Naples
  • Kingdom of two Sicilies (Sicily when Naples is on France's side)
  • Sardina
  • Sweden
  • Denmark
  • Prussia
  • Austria
  • Holy Roman Empire (is only in America in Campaign)
  • Poland
  • Ottoman Empire (Left bits only) (Balkan and the leftmost part of Turkey)
  • Serbia
  • Wallachia
  • Moldavia
  • Bavaria (A German state that is sometimes a country itself. Appears in European Campaigns and in the Conquest "Europe 1815")
  • Saxony (Appears in Europe several times and in the Conquest "America 1775")
  • Brunswick (Appears with Saxony in America)
  • Rhine (The French formed country along the river Rhine as the game states, is separated into many smaller nations in some campaign levels)


The game states you can play as countries in Asia, but this seems quite false (except for Ottoman Empire). Although you can't play as Asian countries, you can see one in a Campaign. Here is a list of seen Asian countries (in game)

  • Ottoman Empire (rightmost part of Turkey)
  • Persia (only seen in Eastern Overlord Campaign)