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(WIKI Still in development) The purpose of this wiki was to help players experience and get the full extent of the strategic war game European War 4: Napoleon.

This wiki provides you with any known information, tips, secrets, etc, about the game. It includes Information about anything from troops,ranks,generals,princesses, weapons,countries,missions, to..even icons or speech captions.

In order to fulfill this, the community is more than welcome to help with the making of the wiki. Registration is required if you're not already a member. Register now and start contributing so others can learn more about this game!

Thank you. ~Patriotic_Dynasty

What is that game about?Edit

European War 4 is a strategic war game, set in the 18th and 19th century, in the Napoleonic Wars, where many countries fought, and also in other wars (Like the rise of America, The Holy Roman Empire, etc.)

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